Intl Breads 3: Walnut and Schiacciata

Walnut BreadI brought the big bucket of starter dough to class on Monday night which we used to make the walnut bread. It was a bit on the dry side but the dough came together nicely. We added walnuts and raisins in the last few minutes of kneading (so they wouldn't break up too much). Bench time was 45 minutes so we got to work on the next bread right away.

SchiacciataThe schiacciata (a Tuscan term, focaccia in the rest of Italy) was a minimal bread dough to which we added olive oil. After it had proofed for almost an hour, we divided them into rounds and rolled them out into flat pieces. More olive oil on top, then a short spell in the proofing cabinet. We docked it, then added a final brush of olive oil and topped with minced rosemary, thyme and coarse salt.

Both of this week's breads were delicious. There was a noticeable wheaty taste to the walnut bread; I would add at least twice the amount of fruit and nut though. The schiacciata was soft and tender from the addition of oil, and the fresh herbs really provided a flavour boost.

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