Archive of posts from March 2008

    Cranberry-Apple Crisp


    I needed to make a quick dessert for S’s dinner party as she had suggested pie, but there wasn’t enough time to make a crust (I know, what kind of a pastry chef am I if I don’t have ready-to-use pie dough in my freezer?). This recipe popped up on Google so I gave it a shot. An...

    Pane Siciliano


    I made the pate fermentee around 11:00 on Tuesday, letting it ferment in the fridge until the evening at which point I incorporated it into the final dough. Instead of watching the dough, I watched the clock, so I let the dough rise for a full two hours at which point it had m...

    Banana Cake


    To use up some yogurt I had, I tried making this simple banana bread recipe. Some interesting things about the recipe: honey is one of the sweeteners, and it also calls for baby bananas. The red ones I bought never ripened (!) so I just used regular bananas. While the cake is ...