Archive of posts from December 2008

    Chocolate Pistachio Cake


    This was to be a birthday cake but turned into a New Year’s Eve dessert. This flourless cake uses ground pistachios in the batter as well as chopped nuts as a garnish. A food processor is used to make the cake, leaving the stand mixer free to whip the egg whites. Instead of a ...

    Caramel Corn


    Dr. S had the great idea of making homemade caramel corn packaged in tall glass jars for some of her staff. We found a hot-air popper at Tap Phong in Chinatown, got the kernel corn in Kensington Market and went home to embark on our little project. We followed the recipe but o...

    Danish Envelopes


    On a whim, I decided to make danish dough one evening. I’ve used this recipe before, and love its combination of flavours including orange zest and cardamom. It’s fairly easy to make, provided you have a stand mixer to do the kneading and decent skills with a rolling pin. The ...