Carrot Cake by Shirley Yard

Carrot Cake
Recipe from The Secrets of Baking by Shirley Yard
Notes: For a birthday party bash we threw for my parents, my Mom requested a carrot cake. Yard's version is in the financier section of her cookbook, so it uses browned butter to give the cake base a deeper flavour. Ground almonds are also an unusual ingredient for carrot cake. I added in toasted walnuts, in addition to using pineapple tidbits and shredded coconut. The original recipe calls for 10" pans, but I used 9" and felt the cake was too dry. That might also have been using a convection oven without reducing the temperature or time. The frosted cake tasted pretty good, but you wouldn't describe it as moist though. Maybe I'll stick with oil-based ones in the future.

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