Jam Sandwich Cookies

Jam Sandwich Cookies
Recipe from Cook's Illustrated, November 2003

Notes: To celebrate a recent work announcement, I decided to make some cookies on a Monday morning. A trip to St. Lawrence Market yielded a set of mini alphabet cookie cutters, and CI's holiday butter cookie recipe offered several variations, including a jam sandwich one. The most time consuming part was making the jam filling, as the recipe calls for straining the jam, and then reducing it slightly. I heated the jam first to make it easier to push through a strainer, but it still took a long time. In the future, I would just buy seedless raspberry jam!

Rolling the dough was pretty easy, but it does melt quickly so I had to put it back in the fridge repeatedly. My cookies were tiny, about an inch and a half in diameter, so I got more than 4 dozen. I found it much easier and safer to transfer the dough circles to the baking sheet before cutting the letter out of them.

I liked these little cookies a lot. I can imagine using letters and numbers for all sorts of other occasions!

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