Mint Chip Ice Cream

Mint Chip Ice Cream
Recipe by David Lebovitz

Notes: The previous owners of our house must have planted mint in the backyard. Each year, I pick the plants right down to their roots but they keep coming back. This week, I harvested as many leaves as I could to make this ice cream. To maximize flavour, I let the washed, dried mint steep in cold cream overnight before proceeding with heating the mixture and letting it infuse some more.

Drizzling the melted chooclate onto the layers of freshly churned ice cream requires a little skill. You don't want big globs because they'll freeze into big, hard pieces, but you don't want thin wisps either as they don't deliver enough chocolate taste. Using a good quality chocolate is key here, as you can really notice the difference compared to the waxy, crayon-like pieces found in most mint chip ice creams.

For fun, I also made a few chocolate leaves, by brushing melted chocolate onto the underside of a few pieces of mint. This also requires some skill that I haven't developed yet. In the photo, I've served the ice cream in a new product I saw at Loblaws, waffle bowls!

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