Pumpkin-Bailey’s Cheesecake with Graham-Pecan Crust

Pumpkin-Bailey's Cheesecake with Graham-Pecan Crust
Recipe adapted from Cook's Illustrated, Nov 2003

Notes: For a recent Friday night dinner, I decided to take some of the roasted kabocha and pumpkin we had, and turn it into a cheesecake, as it's been a long time since I've made a cheesecake or anything with pumpkin. This CI recipe looked good: a pecan-enhanced crust, and the promise of a smooth creamy texture.

Instead of having to blot a can of pumpkin puree to remove moisture, I used a mixture of kabocha (which is quite dry) and pumpkin. The only other deviation I had to make was with the heavy cream and bourbon. I had neither, so used a mixture of table cream and Bailey's. This turned out to be a mistake. The texture was a bit too wet, and the cream liqueur was not a good match for the pumpkin and spices. Still, it was a pretty good pumpkin cheesecake, maybe something to make once a year.

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