Walnut Tart

Walnut Tart
Recipe by Regan Daley via President's Choice Magazine

Notes: Regan Daley authored one of my favourite cookbooks, In The Sweet Kitchen, and back when Loblaw's produced President's Choice Magazine to promote their line of products, I bought a single issue to flip through. There were a few dishes I tried (e.g. an egg curry) but an article on sweet tarts by Daley was what made me hang on to that issue.

I finally got to make one of the recipes recently, a walnut tart (taste grenobloise, in French). The accompanying flavour was coffee, so a bitter+bitter combination was expected. Instead of making a pâte brisée, I just used a frozen disc of vodka pie crust.

The tart was a bit disappointing: it was a bit soft and runny, and not as delicious as a pecan pie. A fine variation to have up my sleeve, but not one I'd quickly make again.

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