White Peach Sorbet

We bought two baskets each of white and yellow peaches from Bizjak Farms this weekend at the farmers’ market. Supermarket fruit tend to be a little underripe, so they survive transport better, but buying straight from the farmer yields deliciously ripe fruit. There’s going to be a lot of peach posts this week!

First up, is a white peach sorbet. The recipe comes from the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook. To keep things simple, I didn’t make the entire dessert, which also includes a graham ganache and milk crumbs. Because two of my giant peaches weighed 400 grams already, I made a double batch.

Making the sorbet is straightforward, but it does call for non-standard ingredients: glucose, citric acid, gelatin leaf. Fortunately, you can make reasonable substitutions for all of these things. I had a few moments of nervousness while stirring the glucose into the fruit purée: it didn’t look like it was going to dissolve. After a few minutes of constant stirring, the syrup combined nicely. Don’t be put off by the murky, dishwater-like colour of the sorbet base, as it turns a pleasant pale pink when churned.

The fruit flavour of the sorbet is subtle but nicely balanced. From my experience with Tosi’s recipes, she really likes her salt, and it’s definitely noticeable in this sorbet. There’s an interesting interplay between salty, tart and sweet going on.

Please enjoy this video that we filmed of making white peach sorbet:

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