Chocolate Cherry Scones

After eating breakfast at The Scone Witch in Ottawa recently, I came back to Toronto wanting to bake my own scones. Fortunately, the Bouchon book offered an irresistible recipe.

Irresistible, that is, to my 3-year old son who loves anything chocolate. Like the muffins in Bouchon Bakery, the recipe for these scones requires some advance planning. In this case, the first step is to macerate the cherries in syrup and Kirsch. Once the batter is made, it needs to be rested in the fridge, and the shaped scones need to be frozen overnight.

Chocolate Cherry Scones

The batter was very crumbly, and I was suspicious of “pulsing” the butter with the paddle to get it incorporated into the flour. Normally, you cut it in with a pastry blender. While scooping the chilled dough into balls, I had a hard time keeping the chunks together.

Despite the difficulty in shaping them, the baked scones turned out deliciously. They were crumbly, but not dry, and every bite had at least a morsel of chocolate and dried cherry. This is another one of those breakfast-for-dessert items that I highly recommend.

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