Cara Cara Orange Curd

Flick and I made all three Seder desserts ahead of time on Thursday night. For Saturday, we decided to repeat an old and a new favourite: a flourless chocolate-orange cake and a creamy chocolate pudding. To accompany the former, we made an orange curd.


I found a recipe online that sounded good, and happened to call for the same kind of orange that we bought at Costco. Cara caras have red, sweet flesh but their juice is orange-coloured. This recipe calls for reducing the fresh juice to concentrate the flavour. I worried this would introduce a boiled taste to the curd, but it didn’t turn out that way.


A double batch was enough to provide a garnish for sixteen slices of a 9” cake. There wasn’t enough orange flavour for my liking: perhaps I should have used two oranges worth of zest instead of one. A nice change from lemon curd, and the right accompaniment for this cake.

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