The Ultimate Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Occasionally, my son and I do baking projects together, especially when the finished product is something he wants to eat. Such was the case this weekend, when he and I worked together to make this chocolate chunk cookie.

The recipe is from Regan Daley’s, In The Sweet Kitchen. Because his little sister was taking a nap, and we didn’t want the mixer to wake her, we took the noisy part outside.

Chocolate chip cookie

We creamed butter, sugars and eggs, then folded in a flour mixture, and we were done. The lengthiest step was hand-chopping the chocolate callets into chunks. My son helped with cracking eggs, dumping ingredients into the mixer, and rolling and flattening the dough balls.

Chocolate chip cookie

Unlike some recipes, like this one from Jacques Torres, Daley’s recipe doesn’t call for any refrigeration of the dough prior to baking.

Chocolate chip cookie

Definitely check the cookies at the minimum time: the secret to soft, chewy cookies is to not overbake them. Fresh out of the even, these were indeed soft and chewy. With a full pound of chocolate in the batter, every bite of cookie delivered satisfaction.

While this cookie doesn’t have the complex and rich flavours of, say, the Cook’s Illustrated one, it was fast and easy to make.

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