Apricot and Orange Blossom Ice Pops

At the farmer’s market on the weekend, I optimistically bought a whole basket of Ontario apricots after tasting a sample. After letting them ripen for two days, I turned them into perhaps one of the most flavourful and satisfying ice pops I’ve made this year.

Apricot Orange Blossom Ice Pop

The recipe comes from the People’s Pops book. I stewed the apricots in a bit of water until they just started to fall apart, drained them of the liquid, then puréed them with simple syrup. One teaspoon of orange blossom water (I used one by Cedar/Phoenicia) was enough to provide a fragrant, complex flavour to the fruit mixture. Even though the apricots were blended with their skins, they were not detectable at all. I highly recommend making these, especially if you can get good apricots!

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