Almond, Ginger and Olive Oil Cake

As part of the nibbles at our Hanukkah party, I wanted to make one or two cakes that were oil-based. A quick browse through my shelf uncovered a few I hadn’t made before, but this one from Dorie Greenspan sounded promising. It turned out to be a deliciously moist and fragrant loaf cake, that kept well for days.

Almond, Ginger and Olive Oil Cake

The recipe is from her Baking Chez Moi book. Instead of hazelnut flour (something which I don’t have on hand), I used almond, as suggested in the headnote. The cake is made with both olive oil and butter, and also includes polenta or cornmeal, which give it a slightly crumbly texture.

Grating the ginger on a Microplane took a while, as the fibres are tough to cut through. It also takes a while to get a full tablespoon (twice as long, if you’re making two loaves, like I did). Persevere though, as you want to use at least the specified amount, so that the flavour comes through.

Well wrapped, and unsliced, this cake was delicious even three or four days later. I would highly recommend making this. It’s wonderful on its own, with a cup of tea, or slathered with lemon custard.

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