Eleven Madison Park Granola

Near my office is a small “plant-based” restaurant that has a very delicious breakfast called a blue smoothie bowl. It’s topped with fresh fruit, seeds, and granola. While trying to recreate it at home, I came across this granola that I hadn’t made before.

Blue Smoothie Bowl

The recipe was published in the New York Times, and is pretty standard. Combine all the ingredients together (except the dried fruit, which would dry out in the oven), coat them with a fat and liquid sugar mix, then slowly toast and dry out the mixture.

I loved the buttery pistachios and the texture of the coconut flakes. Despite using soft dried cherries, after a week or so, they lost their moisture and became dry and chewy. The amount of salt used is definitely noticeable, but it’s a welcome change from the usually cloying store-bought blends.

As for recreating my restaurant favourite, I think I’ve nailed the granola and other toppings, but I’m still tinkering with the bowl itself.

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