Archive of posts from August 2020

    Perfect Peach Pie


    Summer is when the produce of Ontario really shines, especially in the Golden Horseshoe region. 3L baskets of peaches are on every fruit stand, farmers’ market table, and supermarket display. As a once-a-summer treat, I decided to make a pie, using Sam Sifton’s recipe from th...

    Glossy Fudge Brownies


    For an outdoor get-together, I decided to offer up some brownies, as they’re a crowd pleaser. I’m pretty blasé about these often one-note treats: too sweet, too dry, too fudgy. But after a recent purchase of high-fat (22%) Dutch cocoa powder, I decided to try Stella Parks’ ta...

    Joanne Chang’s Maple-Blueberry Scones


    I first heard of Joanne Chang’s Flour bakery in Boston from a muffin article in Fine Cooking in the mid-2000s. While I have never been to any of her bakery locations, I do see her name pop up from time to time in food articles. So when a Sunday Magazine article told her story,...