Archive of posts from September 2020

    Jammy Blueberry Bars


    Date squares are something I grew up eating, as my Mom would make them from time to time. The soft, sweet fruit and ever-so-slightly salty crumble was pretty close to snack perfection. So these blueberry bars were a revelation, that a similar square could be made with fresh fr...

    Peach Blueberry Cobbler


    This has been a great year for late summer fruit. Our farm boxes have consistently provided us with amazing produce all summer long. These past few months, there have been plenty of blueberries, and we’ve gotten some enormous, juicy, flavourful peaches from Costco too. This w...

    Pain-au-Lait Pullman Loaf


    It’s weird, but I feel just ever-so-slightly miffed whenever we buy bread from the store. Sure, there are many great independent bakeries in our city, and even the store-bought stuff can be decent. But I know how to make the staff of life, and I like to provide for my family....