Archive of posts from March 2022

    Whole-Lemon Tart


    A recent special insert in the Sunday Times was all about baking. In each recipe, there is something inventive or innovative, whether it be in the technique or ingredients. Out of the 24, I want to try at least half of them. To start, I chose this tart made from an entire le...

    Ube Buns


    Sometimes, homemade is best. And sometimes, homemade just isn’t possible. That pretty much sums up my experiment this week to create my own ube extract.

    Ube Hamantaschen


    I happened to see an ad for a Purim-themed online baking event. The photo showed a fuchsia-hued cookie in the distinctive triangular shape common to hamantaschen. But there was nothing conventional about the striking color of the cookie.