Archive of posts from September 2022

    Chocolate Dipped Honey Madeleines


    For a more kid-friendly treat (but who doesn’t like pie???), I also made two dozen madeleines for a Rosh Hashanah lunch we were invited to. These were not great, although they did get finished after a few days.

    Apple and Honey Financier Tart


    For Rosh Hashanah this year, we were invited to some meals in Toronto. For a dinner, I made an enormous apple-honey challah that is always a crowd favorite. For after dinner, I made a tart with a short crust, filled with a layer of apple, and a financier batter.

    Mint Chip Ice Cream


    Earlier this spring, my daughter picked out a chocolate mint plant from Sheridan Nurseries. It’s grown quite bushy over the summer in its large pot on our deck, and we decided to use up some of it this week. Sadly, infusing it in cream did not bring out a lot of its flavour. ...

    Plum Sorbet


    One way to enjoy an abundance of fruit is to can it or freeze it. With that in mind, I roasted two-pound batches of plums, then froze the softened fruit and juice. This week, I used that to make an easy pure plum sorbet.