Archive of posts from June 2023

    Basil Ice Cream


    Continuing my exploration of Dana Cree’s ice cream book, we hosted a small dinner for a few parents from my son’s class that we’re close with. To make an interesting flavour of ice cream, I turned towards the plants growing in our indoor garden.

    Blue Ribbon Chocolate Ice Cream


    My daughter asked me about the concept of bartering recently. I realized that that’s exactly how to explain an exchange our next door neighbour and I have organically developed. He likes to use his Whipper Snipper and occasionally trims our tiny front lawn. As a thank you, we ...

    Double Strawberry Shortcakes


    We’ve been gorging on strawberries this summer. We didn’t go on any pick-your-own trips this year, just trips to the local fruit stands or supermarkets. I’ve been trying different strawberry shortcake recipes, and was disappointed in this one.

    Strawberry Streusel Bars (Reduced Sugar)


    From the “2 for $5” deals at many of the supermarkets I’ve been visiting, there seems to be a bumper crop of strawberries this year. This despite the rains in California or hurricanes in Florida. Local Ontario strawberries are more expensive, but they definitely look and taste...