Archive of posts from May 2008

    Baklava Muffins


    I made several substitutions: replacing a third of the flour with kamut flour, and mixing soy milk and sour cream in place of buttermilk. These weren’t anything special, a very tender muffin with cinnamon-walnut flavours.

    Sour-Cream Chocolate Cake with Sour-Cream Icing


    Another item for Heart & Stroke fundraising. I had some leftover sour cream and was pleased to find this recipe which uses it in both the cake and icing. I didn’t know what a “sandwich tin” was so I just used two 8” round cake tins. The cake is quite tender so be careful w...

    Espresso and Cappuccino Cupcakes


    For Dr. S’ birthday. Both cupcakes are made in the food processor but the quantities are so small that it was hard to get everything well-mixed with a minimum of processing to avoid toughness. The espresso cupcakes are frosted with melted chocolate, butter and espresso powder ...

    Coffee Macarons


    Macaron recipe adapted from Sherry Yard, buttercream recipe As part of my fundraising for the Heart & Stroke Foundation at work, I made another flavour of macarons, this time, coffee. For the shells, I adapted the gingerbread recipe by re...

    Shrove Tuesday Pancakes


    Just a quick breakfast treat to have an excuse to eat leftover chocolate ganache. The batter only has four ingredients: flour, milk, butter and egg. I made it with a large proportion of gluten-free flour mix. This made the crepes prone to tearing in the pan but very tender.

    Lemon Macarons


    I had fun trying to translate this French recipe into English. What intrigued me was the use of natural ingredients to colour the macarons, in this case, turmeric. I’ve reluctantly purchased vials of food colouring but try to use as little as possible, and only when absolutely...

    Pretty in Pink Cake


    Instead of using three 6” pans, I used two 8” pans with the realization that the extra surface area would make a thinner cake. I added about a teaspoon of strawberry essence into the batter plus a bit of Guavaberry liqueur, as I didn’t have any Wildberry schnapps. The cakes ba...

    Chocolate Macarons


    Even though I made this cookie before, I wanted to use up some of my egg whites (again!) and I knew these would be a hit at our office bake sale fundraiser for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. The link above is part of a very long discussion on macaron making on eGullet, and...

    Mango Pudding


    I owned this cookbook a number of years ago when I was at university, but must have left it behind in a house I lived in. However, I found a copy of this recipe which I had copied out by hand for some reason. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly. Instead, I made the simple syrup...

    Habanos Chocolates


    Over a period of several days this week, I made these chocolates to go with a Mexican party I was having on Saturday. First, I infused the cream with a whole sliced jalapeno as I didn’t find habaneros in the major supermarkets. The slabbed ganache set up very quickly at a cool...

    Tangerine Sorbet


    I used an entire 3 lb bag of organic tangerines for this recipe. The recipe contains only sugar, water, tangerine and lemon juices, so it’s not difficult. It freezes quite firm and has a strong orange popsicle flavour. Perhaps I used too much zest, or the Microplane releases t...

    Chocolate Babka


    When I bought this issue from the newsstand, it was the article on Mrs. London’s Bakery and Café in New York State that caught my eye, especially the photos of the lemon meringue pie and chocolate babka. Ever since this article, I’ve seen mention of Mrs. London in the New York...

    Almost No-Knead Whole-Wheat Bread


    This recipe is CI’s take on the celebrated no-knead bread. They tweak it by adding vinegar and lager to the dough, and doing 15 seconds of kneading before shaping. In the morning, I made the dough following the whole wheat variation. It felt like a regular dough, not one with ...