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    Pistachio Mascarpone Ice Cream


    With some leftover mascarpone in hand, I decided to combine two of the variations in Sherry Yard’s basic ice cream recipe.

    Fraises aux saveurs balsamiques, crème de mascarpone et sorbet


    We went strawberry picking on the weekend, and after making a batch of jam, still had lots of fruit leftover. I decided to try making something simple for a first recipe from this book. The sorbet was easy enough, as was the balsamic syrup and mascarpone cream (mascarpone, mil...

    Apple Confit with Miso Ice Cream


    While reading about Sam Mason, I came across another one of his recipes that begged to be tried. Since I don’t have maltodextrin nor high acyl gellan, I wasn’t able to make the apple puree, but I did want an apple component to go along with the miso ice cream. The salted dried...



    I made a photobook out of the pictures from my Baking and Dessert, Volume 2 set. I’ve made a book with Blurb previously and really liked their layout software, BookSmart. All of the images were pulled down from Flickr using BookSmart’s built-in support.Each page has a coloured...

    Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream


    I bought the Trung Nguyen coffee a while ago at T&T and having been drinking cups of it occasionally. I’m not sure what the strong flavour, maybe camphor? Or the Chari or Catimor beans? Anyway, an entire half cup went into the ice cream base, tinting it a deep brown. Passi...

    Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins


    The last of the rhubarb plus organic (not local, though) strawberries went into these easy-to-make muffins. My only substitution was replacing the plain flour with a bit of kamut flour, and sprinkling ground almonds on top. These had a store-bought flavour, not a bad thing, wi...

    Malted Chocolate Layer Cake


    My original plan was to make Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Malteser Cake but many reviews online have mentioned it’s not very tasty, so I tried this more complicated cake. Do read the directions carefully, as numerous eggs are required in the cake layers and mousse, and you don’t...

    Olive Oil and Yogurt Cake


    I wanted a cake to use up some yogurt I had and not require any butter because I had none (!) and this cake met my requirements nicely. Halving the recipe, I baked the cake in an 8” square pan, adding an extra 10 minutes to the baking time. A whole tablespoon of baking powder ...

    Rhubarb Tart


    We bought some rhubarb from a farm in Markham on Sunday and I wanted a recipe that would use up a lot of it. Unfortunately, while this recipe fit that requirement, I didn’t find it all that tasty, especially for the amount of work required. The fruit is roasted in the oven wit...

    Pain aux Noix (Walnut Bread)


    This bread has walnut oil in the recipe and both white and whole wheat flours in it. To fit my schedule, I relied on the time-saving cold fermentation technique. After mixing up the dough on Monday night, I let it proof in my very warm apartment for about an hour, then put it ...

    Fankhauser’s Cornmeal Waffles


    The recipe comes from a professor at a college in Ohio and is part of annual maple syrup tradition at the school. I liked that it used beer and had sunflower seeds sprinkled on the waffle iron. I subbed blue cornmeal for regular. These came out a little thin, without a lot of ...

    Pink Grapefruit Tart With Edamame Ice Cream And Black Sesame Seeds


    Edamame were filling Dr. S’ freezer so I took two frozen containers home and looked for recipes to use them and found this involved dessert. As the beans were already cooked, I just microwaved them per the directions, shelled them, and also slipped off the thin skins. The ice ...