Raspberry Sorbet

Raspberry Sorbet
Recipe from Cook's Illustrated, July 2012

Notes: Finding delicious and fresh ideas for Passover desserts is challenging, as everyone seems to make the same things over and over again. I thought sorbet might be a nice change and since we were hosting the first night at our house, took the opportunity to make a frozen dessert. An ice cream or sorbet is a good dessert to make in advance, since it can be held in the freezer for a few days without suffering any loss of quality.

Using the CI recipe, I followed the recipe verbatim. I've never seen Sure-Jell brand pectin in Canada, so I substituted the same quantity of CERTO Light reduced-sugar pectin. Since fresh raspberries aren't in season, I used some frozen IQF ones.

The end result? Despite a little fussiness (freezing 1 cup separately, and using it to seed the ice crystals in the refrigerated portion!), the sorbet turned out soft and creamy, exactly as described. By reducing the sugar a bit, the tart flavour of the berries really popped.

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