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    Passion Fruit Chocolate Chip Layer Cake: Step by Step


    Milk Bar cakes are complicated, multi-step affairs, doable in one day, but more practically made over several days. For a recent anniversary, I decided to tackle their chocolate chip layer cake, made with passion fruit and coffee flavours.

    Cara Cara Orange Curd


    Flick and I made all three Seder desserts ahead of time on Thursday night. For Saturday, we decided to repeat an old and a new favourite: a flourless chocolate-orange cake and a creamy chocolate pudding. To accompany the former, we made an orange curd.

    Chocolate Pecan Cake


    The New York Times cooking sections are full of useful information, and it’s where I found the dessert recipe for the first night of Passover. This chocolate pecan cake was super easy to make, and was a nice finish to a big dinner.