Rhubarb & Strawberry Ice Pops

My family often samples the ice pops offered by Augie’s at the various farmer’s markets in the city. But at $3 for a regular, and $1.50 for a mini, it’s a pricey treat that can be easily made at home. With rhubarb season in full swing, and strawberry season just around the corner, I made a batch of ice pops from this classic combination.

Rhubarb & Strawberry Ice Pop

We recently made some unusual flavours (pineapple-mango-chipotle, strawberry-cucumber-mint) so it was nice to go back to a familiar pairing. The recipe, from the People’s Pops cookbook, could not be easier: cook the rhubarb in a bit of water until it falls apart, then puree it with strawberries, and sweeten to taste with simple syrup.

Not surprisingly, these pops were great: tart and sweet, with a nice strawberry fragrance. I would use less simple syrup next time (or more lemon juice), as I would expect anything made with rhubarb to offer more acidity.

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