Archive of posts from November 2015

    Bacon Cheddar Scones


    I’m starting to go back into the office again, after working from home for the past two months, due to a foot injury. To celebrate, I wanted to make a savoury treat, and this scone recipe from Bouchon Bakery caught my eye.

    Velvety Bean Bread


    Another untried bread from Homebaking was this loaf made with puréed navy beans. It was an interesting experiment, a way to add fibre and protein to our diet, but in the end, it couldn’t hold our interest.

    Helen’s Special Raisin Bread


    I’ve started to go through Homebaking again, and found this raisin bread which made my son very happy. He and I share a love of raisins, unlike my wife, who prefers chocolate chips over pretty much everything else.

    Winter Squash Pancakes with Squash Syrup


    April Bloomfield’s A Girl and Her Greens is a vegetable-focused cookbook, with a few sweet ideas thrown in. To use up a medium-sized pumpkin we bought, we tried making her pancakes one Saturday morning. Unfortunately, they weren’t really appetizing.