Miso Sourdough Bread

As someone who purposefully looks to try new recipes on a constant basis, I couldn’t resist making a bread that featured miso as a star ingredient. While it may not be a true sourdough, the bread definitely had a distinctive taste.

Miso Sourdough

The recipe, from Lucky Peach, calls for genmai miso. This is a soybean paste made from brown rice, but I couldn’t find that at any of my usual stores. I stuck with the plain white (shiro) miso that you can find anywhere. The dough follows the basic no-knead formula popularized by Jim Lahey, and requires a 22 hour rest. Following the directions, I placed the dough in a warm place so that all those bacteria and yeasts in the miso could do their magic.

Miso Sourdough

I was really pleased with how this turned out. The crust had a beautiful, warm colour. There is a definite, funky and salty flavour to each slice, but you might not recognize it as miso at first. This is definitely a delicious variation to standard no-knead bread, one that I’d make again.

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