Archive of posts from August 2016

    Classic Sourdough Bread (Pain au Levain)


    A recent issue of Cook’s Illustrated magazine promoted a no-knead sourdough bread, and because I’ve got a nice, tangy levain right now, I wanted to try it. However, in the fine print, they noted that there’s an even better variation as an online extra. Their take on pain au le...

    Blueberry Maple Jam


    The 7th Annual Wild Blueberry Festival was this weekend at the Evergreen Brick Works, and we took full advantage. In addition to buying a large basket of berries, we bought more peaches and strawberries. After putting our kids to bed, my wife and I set out to make three diffe...

    Sourdough Boule (Bouchon)


    Most of the sourdough breads in the Bouchon Bakery book use a small quantity of liquid levain, but this recipe calls for a significant amount. This resulted in a loaf with an unmistakable flavour. Read on to find out why the first loaf was a disaster, and how I learned from m...

    Brown Butter Peach Tourte


    Our love affair with peaches continues: for a dinner we hosted on Friday night, I flipped through a Dorie Greenspan book and found a tart that I could make during the week.

    Peach Shortcakes


    Just can’t get enough… peaches, that is. This week, we probably purchased our fifth 3L basket of the season. Besides eating them out of hand, we’ve made pie, BBQ sauce, salsas, smoothies, ice pops, added them to tomato soup, and now this week, shortcakes.

    Brandied Cherries


    After returning from our cottage vacation in July, I really hoped that local sweet cherries would still be available. The farmer’s markets didn’t have any, but the supermarket still did, so I bought five pounds worth, with the intention of preserving them in liquor.