Archive of posts from January 2020

    Marbled Tahini Cookies


    Continuing through the NYT 2019 Holiday Cookie Extravaganza, the next cookie I planned for our housewarming were these two-tone sesame cookies. The hardest part of the process? Sourcing the ingredients.

    Peanut Shortbread With Honeycomb


    Real honeycomb, the hexagonal cells made of wax that bees make their honey in, is soft, chewy, and sweet. That’s not what this cookie recipe is referring to, though. Rather, it’s a hard, brittle confection whose cross-section is nowhere near as regular or beautiful as that pro...

    Honey-Thyme Chocolates


    For our housewarming party, I wanted to make a variety of chocolates, not only in flavour, but in appearance also. This honey-thyme chocolate sounded interesting (herbs in sweets!) but its technique of a texture via a wire baking rack wasn’t one I had tried before.

    Dirty Chai Earthquake Cookies


    A funny thing happened on the weekend: our oven started turning itself off after about 5-10 minutes of preheating. At first, I didn’t realize it was the breaker that was tripping, despite going to the panel and flipping it off and then back on again. This timing was particular...

    Passion Fruit Chocolates


    Making chocolates by hand doesn’t fill me with dread: I don’t mind that success depends on being exacting and patient because I have those qualities. I’ve made dozens of varieties of chocolate in the past decade and a half, and almost every time, they were for a special occasi...