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    One thing I very much enjoy while staying at home these days, is making lunch. Maybe it’s the friendly flexing we have in a Slack channel at work, or just wanting to try different things each day, but I like planning something exciting to eat at noon each day. This week featur...

    Chocolate Semifreddo


    With the last bit of heavy cream we had, I wanted to make something that didn’t use as many eggs as ice cream. This “semi-frozen” dessert checked that box, and was also made of chocolate, which checked my family’s boxes. Accompanied by a sweet-tart cherry sauce, this was a si...

    Tart Montréal: Step by Step


    My parents gifted me a cookbook a few years ago, and it beautifully captures the essence of a bakery in Edmonton, where my aunt lives. I finally made one of the more elaborate, multi-step, multi-flavour desserts from the book, and it was so worth it.

    Easy-Braid Challah (Cook’s Illustrated)


    Our kids’ school offers a challah fundraiser, where they arrange to bring in loaves on Friday mornings, and the kids who participate get a fresh loaf to bring home. Since we’ve been staying at home the past two months, I’ve been making challah regularly. This past week, I trie...

    Buttermilk-Grapefruit Panna Cotta with Caramel-Coated Almonds


    Our recent grocery haul included two litres of buttermilk. Besides being a key component of pancakes, I often use it for muffins, buns, and other baked goods. A photo in a recent magazine article about panna cotta sounded so good and simple, that I immediately added gelatin t...

    Torta Caprese


    For the recent Passover holiday, I came up with a few new ideas, like pavlova (giant baked meringue, with fresh fruit and cream), or thumbprint nut cookies for my family. But, predictably, they requested a flourless chocolate cake. Sigh, chocolate always wins.

    Lemoniest Lemon Bars


    Who can resist a lemon square? With its buttery base, and bright, mouth-puckering filling, it’s something I want to buy every time I see it in a pastry case. Our fridge is overflowing with lemons right now, and my wife needed a baked good for barter, so I set out to look for ...