Archive of posts from December 2020

    Holiday 2020 Cookies


    Here are the seven cookies we made for our Holiday 2020 cookie box. A few were favourites repeated from our housewarming earlier this year.

    Ultranutty Pecan Bars


    My daughter’s main protein source these days is pecans. And who can blame her really? Sweet, rich, not too bitter, and fragrant, pecans are a favourite in desserts like pie, ice cream, and cookies. So it was an easy decision for us to include this bar in our holiday cookie box.

    Gingery Brownie Crinkle Cookies


    Continuing with our epic December baking project, my daughter and I made a chocolatey, gingery cookie next. This one was definitely like a circular brownie in that it was chewy, moist, and full of chocolate flavour, but it lacked a strong ginger kick.

    Millionaire’s Shortbread


    As part of an upcoming cookie box, Little G and I decided to make an assortment of cookies. We picked a few from the 2019 New York Times cookie special that we hadn’t made before, then added a few more ideas from elsewhere. This one was probably everyone’s favourite, and it’...

    Yeasted Doughnuts


    This summer, Cook’s Illustrated featured a recipe with a promise of moist, tender doughnuts accompanied by a tempting, colourful photograph. I saved that image in my head until December, so that we could celebrate Hanukkah with freshly made fried dough.

    Homemade Pocky


    Last year’s spectacular New York Times’ cookie spread still leaves an impression on my daughter and I. We chose one of the recipes we hadn’t made before while brainstorming ideas for holiday baking projects. These little sticks were simple to make, delicious to eat, but requir...