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    Olive Oil Challah


    With Fridays off during the summer, I can easily make fresh bread for Shabbat dinner. Since we had no more frozen, store-bought challahs, I decided to make one from a recipe I’ve been meaning to try, featuring olive oil and orange juice.

    Cinnamon Raisin Sourdough Bread


    DEC 14. That’s what I wrote on my bowl of sourdough starter the last time I fed it. Even though this is the longest period I’ve left my starter dormant, it came right back to life after a feeding. I let it rock out for about 24 hours or so on the counter, then made three loave...

    P.B. & J. Gelato


    I don’t even know whether molecular gastronomy is still a “thing” anymore. A while back (maybe 15 years ago?) it seemed every restaurant was doing foams, emulsions, and spherification. I still enjoy reading about modern chemistry though, and on understanding its role in the ...