Archive of posts from July 2015

    Zucchini Bread with Pistachios (Cook’s Illustrated)


    While vacationing at a cottage this past week, I had time to do some baking in the well-stocked (both in pantry supplies and equipment) kitchen. For a snack/dessert, I decided to make us a zucchini bread with squash bought at the Haliburton Farmer’s Market.

    Beet Goat Cheese Honey Pistachio Ice Cream


    Yes, this ice cream really does turn a beet salad into an ice cream. This wasn’t my first vegetable-based dessert, but it was definitely one of the most unusual.

    Sour-Cherry Pistachio Crisp


    The farmer’s markets now have heaps of cherries, both sweet and sour varieties. We bought some Morello cherries this week, a dark-fleshed tart variety, and stained our hands red pitting them to make desserts post-dinner.

    Strawberry Lemon Cake


    Five separate components make up this this strawberry lemon layer cake from Momofuku Milk Bar.

    Maple Walnut Ice Cream


    In honour of Canada Day, I made a batch of maple walnut ice cream, a cool treat to enjoy on a warm day.