Archive of posts from February 2017

    Skillet Apple Pie


    When you have a lot of apples, it’s time to make apple pie. Or, so said my 5-year old son. With only one frozen pie dough in my freezer, I started thinking about a crumble topping, but found this Cook’s Illustrated recipe instead: a pie assembled in a skillet, and requiring le...

    Orange Polenta Cake


    The headnote of the recipe said blood oranges made for a “splendid” effect when used in this upside down cake. Sure enough, the deep ruby colour of the fruit made for an uncommon sight, and the combination of almond, cornmeal and citrus produced a delicious cake. I’ve come to ...

    Peanut Butter Pucks


    Valentine’s Day is also known as “House-i-versary” for us, the day we moved into our home. We don’t usually go out or get each other anything, but looking back at what I’ve made in previous years, it’s clear that something chocolatey was needed. These Reese’s peanut butter cup...

    Chocolate Pudding 3.0


    Over Hanukkah this year in Florida, I made this easy chocolate pudding from an Alice Medrich recipe. It was a big hit, in both low-sugar and regular versions. For a dinner we hosted on Friday night, we served it again to a group of enthusiastic children.

    Seville Orange Marmalade


    My favourite thing to put on toast is marmalade: any type of citrus, preferably thick-cut, not too sweet, with assertive bitterness and tartness. After seeing a huge variety of oranges for sale at the grocery, I bought some Seville and Moro oranges and set out to preserve them.