Archive of posts from December 2017

    Giant Crinkled Chocolate Chip Cookies


    My wife sent this New York Times article about an “Internet-famous” cookie. Despite spending a lot of time on the Web, I’m not on Insta, so this cookie did not come across my radar until a few months ago. I finally had a chance to make it over the holiday break, and boy, was i...

    Festive Fruitcake


    I was delighted to find a fruitcake recipe in my newest cookbook. It’s something I actually enjoy eating, and it’s one of those cakes that has as many variations as there are bakers. This version follows the current trend of eschewing artificially coloured fruit (green cherrie...

    6-Minute Lemon Olive Oil Custard


    While searching the Interweb for olive oil gelato recipes, I came across this dairy-free custard recipe made completely in a high-speed blender. Not only was this a novel technique, I was obsessed with how good it tasted. Imagine a sweet, lemony mayonnaise that livens up slic...

    Yeast-Raised Doughnuts


    It’s the month for deep-frying at our house, to celebrate Hanukkah and the miracle of the oil. Indeed, frying foods in oil is miraculous, transforming plain food items like broccoli and potatoes into addictive, crispy tempura and French fries. This year, in addition to crowd-p...

    Almond, Ginger and Olive Oil Cake


    As part of the nibbles at our Hanukkah party, I wanted to make one or two cakes that were oil-based. A quick browse through my shelf uncovered a few I hadn’t made before, but this one from Dorie Greenspan sounded promising. It turned out to be a deliciously moist and fragrant ...

    Roasted Banana Cake


    Ground coffee was what attracted me to this recipe, along with a topping of chocolate chunks and walnuts. This embellished banana cake is well worth the effort, and I would highly recommend making it.

    Rye Bread (Bouchon)


    In the middle of the week, we ran out of bread for making toast at breakfast, so this quick sourdough loaf was something I could do on a weeknight. Despite using instant yeast, this bread couldn’t escape the fate of a lot of other whole-grain breads: a dense, and somewhat coar...