Archive of posts from January 2018

    Sesame, Date and Banana Cake


    A tahini frosting was not something I’d ever made nor eaten before, so this recipe was top of mind this week when I came across it. Even though this cake incorporates some of my favourite ingredients (bananas, dates), overall it was a letdown, and was not enjoyed by my testers...

    Chocolate-Espresso Dacquoise


    For a school “parent party” we went to on Saturday night, we volunteered to make a dessert. I had several potential candidates in mind the night before, and settled on one of the most time-consuming recipes on Saturday morning. It was well worth the effort though, as this cake...

    Eleven Madison Park Granola


    Near my office is a small “plant-based” restaurant that has a very delicious breakfast called a blue smoothie bowl. It’s topped with fresh fruit, seeds, and granola. While trying to recreate it at home, I came across this granola that I hadn’t made before.