Archive of posts from December 2019

    Epic New York Cheesecake


    When you buy the three-pound package of Philly cream cheese from Costco, you’d better have some recipes in mind. And you’d better have a lot of hungry mouths around too. These things were on my mind this month, as I made three cheesecakes in the span of two weeks. This one, th...

    Chocolate Banana Ripple Cheesecake: Step by Step


    For Friday night dinner, with family visiting from Montreal, I made a superb dessert (in my humble opinion, but also everyone who tasted it). It was high effort, but also high reward. Read on to see how I made it.

    Golden Fruitcake (King Arthur Flour)


    With a family dinner approaching, I left my annual fruitcake baking to the last minute. Without a lot of time to buy ingredients, macerate fruit, and bake the loaves, I ended up making a basic light version. Along the way, I learned about the importance of aging.

    Japanese Cheesecake


    For a holiday dinner we were hosting, I wanted to make a Japanese cheesecake. I never understood the fuss about Uncle Tetsu when they opened in Toronto in 2015, and it wasn’t until last year that I tried a slice of their signature cake. It’s pretty good, especially warm, but...

    Black Walnut Pound Cake


    I first heard about black walnuts when a colleague at one of my internships told me the hardwood was highly prized, and that he would love to one day grow an orchard full of them. Some twenty years later, I finally tried some at a supermarket in Florida. Less than a year late...