Archive of posts from November 2021

    Cranberry Curd Tart with Almond Crust


    Post-Thanksgiving deals at the supermarket are too good to pass up. For example, packages of deep red cranberries reduced to just 75 cents for 340g (12 oz). Of course, you buy them with good intentions, but it’s funny how time slips away and then the firm, ruby spheres aren’t ...

    Burnt Miso Pound Cake


    I wanted to host a dessert party on a weeknight for some out-of-town colleagues visiting Toronto, but the plan fell through. I had already done some prep earlier in the week, like making some delicious orange-cardamom spiced nuts. Nevertheless, I went ahead and made a cake con...

    Raisin Bran Muffins


    Does anyone else get cravings for bran muffins? Sometimes, when I’m at Tim Horton’s, I like to get a bran muffin. It’s pleasantly sweet, raisin-y, tender and coarse at the same time. But, then I look at the nutritional information and am reminded that every single one of thei...

    Vegan Coffee Ice Cream


    As there were a number of kids at our Friday night dinner, I decided to make ice cream in addition to the cake. In keeping with the pareve meal, I turned to the Van Leeuwen Cookbook, which is my go-to source for vegan ice creams.

    Dairy-Free Chocolate Cake


    We’ve started to have small groups over for dinner parties again. On Friday, some of our guests preferred to avoid mixing meat and dairy so I was looking for some desserts that were vegan as those would automatically have no butter or milk. In the end, I found a dairy-free ch...