Archive of posts from April 2006

    Carrot Bread


    My first recipe out of this cookbook (which is currently on the discount table at Book City in Toronto and available at online). I like how she gives volume, and Imperial and metric weights for every recipe. There’s also a little paragraph called Understandin...

    Lemon Blueberry Muffins


    I always cut down on the butter in this recipe, from 8 ounces to about 6.5. The colour is a bright yellow and comes from the cornmeal, eggs and lemon zest. Frozen wild blueberries work fine in this recipe. One of

    Pistachio and Dried Fruit Cake with Orange


    The author says her mother makes this cake during Lent so it is a coincidence that I made it for the Easter weekend. Due to ingredient shortages, I made all kinds of little substitutions: a handful of walnuts in place of pistachios, five-spice powder instead of ground cloves, ...

    Cakes-CtoM 6: Brownie Berry Tower


    For the final class of this course, we made a tall cake, with brownie layers sandwiching two kinds of cream and strawberries. First up, the brownies. We melted dark chocolate and butter in a saucepan, then whisked in granulated sugar to make a sandy brown mixture. In the mixer...

    Cakes-CtoM 5: Mango Mousse Cake


    Update: This is the 2nd most requested item on this blog, so here’s the recipe.The sponge layers for this cake were the definition of simplicity, just eggs, sugar, flour and vanilla. Using the mixer on high, we whipped the eggs with sugar for around 10 minutes until they becam...

    Passionately Chocolate Tartlets


    I had trouble rolling the sweet tart dough as it cracked and was very dry. The ground almonds probably make it very brittle. Next time, I’ll add a bit more egg white or water to help it hold together. Shaping them was an exercise in patience: my cookie cutter was only slightly...

    Potato, Cheddar and Chive Torpedos


    I am currently maintaining a whole wheat barm so I used that to make this bread, along with boiled red potatoes, a mix of chives and green onions, and Balderson Old Cheddar. It was quite warm yesterday so the loaves proved quickly. As a result, the outer layer of dough was thi...