Archive of posts from August 2015

    Corn Muffins


    It’s peak corn season in Ontario, and we bought 15 ears at St. Lawrence Market on the weekend. After making an intensely, superb corn soup, I decided to try making muffins out of some of the remaining cobs.

    Honey-Poached Apricot Cornmeal Crunch Cake


    With a whole lot of apricots, peaches and nectarines all ripening at the same time on our counter, this cake was ideal to use up some less than perfect fruit. Even better, this dessert tasted better after a few days.

    Campton Place Coffee Cake


    At the Withrow Park Farmers’ Market this week, there was a table piled with cookbooks for sale. I was able to pick up Sherry Yard’s second book, Desserts by the Yard. Within in its pages, I found a coffee cake with a filling containing peaches.

    Mango, Guava and Coconut Ice Pops


    While shopping in Little India, we tried to buy a case of mangoes from one vendor, but were told that the season was mostly over. Fortunately, they did have incredibly fragrant guavas, and were able to procure mangoes from a nearby store. After a few days to let them ripen, we...

    Fresh Apricot Ice Cream


    Ever since reading that article about apricots in Lucky Peach, I always keep an eye (and nose and tongue) out for a sweet, juicy and fragrant apricot. This past week at the market, the apricots for sale were so good, that we promptly bought an entire 7L basket.

    Apricot Salted Caramel Ice Pop


    This past weekend’s market trip netted us 7L each of apricots and peaches. Bizjak Farms delivered again, with fragrant, ripe and juicy apricots. As well as eating them fresh out of hand, we turned them into a few apricot desserts this week.

    Ciabatta (BBA)


    For the Civic Holiday Monday, we were invited for dinner and wanted to bring something to go with a nice goat cheese spread we bought at a farmer’s market. I took the opportunity to make the ciabatta from the book I learned to bake bread from.

    Mexican Street-Corn Paleta


    I remember the success of last year’s corn ice cream, so when I saw this recipe for a corn, sour cream, and lime popsicle in a recent issue of the New York Times Magazine, I knew I had to try it.