Archive of posts from December 2015

    Chocolate Covered Toffee Break Ups


    At the end of the year, Dr. S brings a holiday treat for her staff. In the past, we made caramel corn. This year, we decided to try chocolate covered toffee with nuts.

    Fruitcake That Won’t Make You Gag


    As someone who’s enjoyably eaten fruitcake for many decades, it’s hard for me to understand the revulsion and mockery that this seasonal treat receives. Like with any other baked good, there are excellent home-made specimens, but also terrible mass-produced ones too. This yea...

    Olive Oil and Sweet Wine Cake


    Continuing in the theme of cooking with oil during Hanukkah, I decided to make an olive oil-based cake, flavoured with a sweet wine and a citrus zest. The recipe (which I can’t find an online copy of) is from one of my favourite cookbooks, In The Sweet Kitchen.

    Churros with Chocolate-Dulce de Leche Dip


    When I was younger, our family would occasionally order congee accompanied by a plate of jauzaagwai (油炸鬼). Deep frying wasn’t something my parents did a lot at home, so it was a treat to eat a fried breadstick at a restaurant. Now that I have my own family, cooking things in ...

    Focaccia (BBA)


    While it might not be a traditional Hanukkah food item, my wife came up with the excellent idea of serving focaccia at our party. It’s an airy, chewy flatbread, topped with herb oil.

    Cherry-Whipped Cream Doughnuts


    I’ve really embraced the custom of eating fried foods to celebrate Hanukkah. A few weeks ago, we started planning a menu for a party we would be hosting. Of course, doughnuts needed to be on that menu, and I chose one of the recipes from Bouchon Bakery to make.