Archive of posts from October 2016

    Double Apple Pie


    Banana bread, carrot cake, apple pie: these are baked goods that I’m always willing to try a new recipe for. This “double” apple pie from Melissa Clark in the New York Times incorporates apple butter, which I happened to have made earlier.

    Apple Strudel


    A traditional strudel is something I’ve never attempted before. The pastry is difficult to make: I recall reading about some bakers using the edge of a table, to hang and stretch the dough into a paper-thin layer. This month’s issue of Cook’s Illustrated offered a strudel made...

    Apple Matafan


    I wanted to make a quick dessert for our casual Shabbat dinner last night. A simple apple and custard square recipe caught my eye in Baking Chez Moi, but, because I was rushing after coming home from work, I started making the wrong recipe, this apple matafan!

    Chestnut and Pear Tart


    My working parameters for a cake for my Dad’s birthday were “fruit or nuts, but no chocolate”. Instead of a cake, I made a tart featuring chestnut and pear. It was relatively simple (by the standards of a Pierre Hermé recipe) but wasn’t up to the standards of what I expect fr...

    Sweet and Chunky Apple Butter


    Fall brings apples, and every year at this time, I look for ways to use the fruit that we pick from the orchard ($90 worth this time!). Besides pies and crisps, which I make every year, I wanted to concentrate some of the apples into a spreadable butter.