Archive of posts from July 2017

    Overnight Chocolate Rolls


    At our annual cottage getaway with friends this week, we had some really delicious meals. For our final morning there, I decided to make a special breakfast treat. Working in our rental cottage’s well-equipped kitchen, I improvised with the equipment and ingredients on-hand, t...

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream


    When making dessert for other people, it’s tough to convince them to try the experimental or exotic. Most eaters want the tried and true. So when I lugged my brand new ice cream maker to a cottage this week, and a copy of the Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Book, I wasn’t sur...

    Cherry Lime Ice Pops


    Sometimes, an idea that sounds good in print doesn’t taste good when it’s made. Such was the case with these cherry ice pops.

    Crunchy Granola


    My favourite breakfast cereal growing up was Quaker Harvest Crunch. Over time, I stopped buying the bright orange box as I realized the cereal wasn’t that healthy, with its relatively high fat and sugar content. This week, while flipping through a cookbook, I became excited b...

    Strawberry Frozen Yogurt


    We went to Andrews’ Scenic Acres in Milton on the weekend. Dr. S was sick at home, so I took my two kids and met up with my parents, for a morning of strawberry, cherry, and raspberry picking. The warm weather naturally led to thoughts of a very cold dessert, like frozen yogurt.

    Pain de Campagne (Bouchon)


    With Canada Day falling on a Saturday this year, I got a chance to make a slow-rise sourdough bread on Monday. This French country bread included white, whole wheat, and rye flour, and made a sizable loaf.