Archive of posts from May 2015

    Banana Split Bombe


    We’ve established a tradition of cupcakes for birthdays in our family. My son’s fourth birthday celebration was to be a pizza lunch in the park on the weekend, but we wanted an additional cake to celebrate on his actual birthdate. My wife suggested an ice cream cake, and as u...

    Challah (BBA)


    As I mentioned last year, I’ve made the challah from The Bread Baker’s Apprentice many times without documenting it, so here’s a post to rectify that.

    Banana Bread (Advanced Bread and Pastry)


    Yet another banana bread… This time the recipe comes from Michael Suas’ book, Advanced Bread and Pastry. Sadly, this recipe offered nothing new in terms of technique or flavour.

    Foolproof New York Cheesecake


    For Mother’s Day, we had a picnic with family in Spencer Smith Park in Burlington, underneath the cherry blossoms. Dessert was a New York cheesecake, that turned out to be not quite so foolproof.

    Multigrain Bread (Sourdough)


    There’s a first time for everything, and this past week, I baked my first few loaves of sourdough, using a starter I built up from scratch.

    Walnut Bâtards


    These past two weeks, I have been nurturing a sourdough starter using the directions in Bouchon Bakery. Using the liquid levain I’ve been feeding on a daily (sometimes twice-daily) basis, I made four loaves of walnut bread this week, perhaps the best bread I’ve ever made. I’ll...

    Maple-Sweetened Carrot Cupcakes


    While browsing for relatively healthy cupcakes for a celebration on Saturday, I came across a carrot cupcake recipe that didn’t use refined sugar. It was an ideal dessert for a one-year old’s birthday BBQ.