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    Apricot and Lavender Ice Pops


    Rounding out this whirlwind month of baking and dessert, I combined a basket of small, ripe stonefruit with a fragrant herb growing in my backyard. The result was a subtly scented apricot and lavender frozen treat that captured the essence of late summer.

    Blueberry Buttermilk Ice Pops


    With the last of the big basket of blueberries, we turned them into these beautifully marbled ice pops. The swirl of purple and white entices you, but the flavour of these ice pops was underwhelming.

    Blueberry Pie


    I don’t see pie offered as a dessert in many restaurants anymore. Maybe it’s because I don’t frequent diner-type establishments, or it’s no longer trendy. Even the Canadian Pie Company location in Leslieville closed a few years ago after a short run. Being able to make what yo...

    Blueberry Ice Cream


    The Big Giant Basket of Blueberries in the refrigerator remains stubbornly full. We bought it last week at a Farmer’s Market, and have already made one pie, but there are still many cups to go. Making this ice cream only used up a pint, but those two cups sure went a long way.

    Apricot, Walnut, and Lavender Cake


    The people at the fruit stand last weekend told me hail damaged a lot of their apricot crop. Many of the tiny fruit had deep, scarred pockmarks. This explained why the baskets were only $5 each. After a few days of letting them soften at room temperature, I tasted one and wa...

    Ring of Saturn Peach “Doughnuts”


    People like to name things after other things that have the same shape, e.g. U-turn, grape tomato, dogleg golf hole. I’ve never seen the appeal of a doughnut or Saturn peach, a flat, round variety that has less flesh and juice than regular yellow or white peaches. Still, I de...

    Chocolate Volcano Cakes


    By request of our house guest, I made molten chocolate cakes this weekend. No one cared about their sloppy appearance, and everyone just enjoyed the pleasure of warm, liquid chocolate in their mouths.

    Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream


    Continuing with my exploration into vegan ice creams, I made the chocolate recipe from the Van Leeuwen cookbook. Some of the other recipes they’ve formulated require a few ingredients I didn’t have on hand, e.g. unrefined peanut oil, a good peppermint extract. But I always hav...

    Apricot and Orange Blossom Ice Pops


    At the farmer’s market on the weekend, I optimistically bought a whole basket of Ontario apricots after tasting a sample. After letting them ripen for two days, I turned them into perhaps one of the most flavourful and satisfying ice pops I’ve made this year.

    Vegan Roasted Banana Ice Cream


    When I saw the Van Leeuwen ice cream book on, I hadn’t heard of them before. Several reviews online mentioned the deliciousness of their vegan ice creams, particularly one recipe. It was this highly acclaimed roasted banana flavour that I made on Monday, markin...

    Sweet Corn Ice Cream


    Corn is a “vegetable” that is pretty sweet, so it makes sense (in my mind) to try dessert applications of it. After getting a baker’s dozen ears of corn at the Saturday farmer’s market, I was all set to make… ice cream!

    Summer Peach Cake (Cook’s Illustrated)


    It’s the height of peach season in Ontario, with the 3L cardboard baskets appearing in markets everywhere. For a dinner we were invited to on Saturday, I contributed a summery cake made with, you guessed it, peaches.

    Peach Ice Cream


    It’s hot this week, so I was in the mood for more ice cream. Who am I kidding, it doesn’t need to be hot for me to be in the mood for frozen treats. Or any kind of dessert, really. With peaches in season right now, I turned two pounds of fruit into a fragrant, satisfying ice c...