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    Having a few friends over for supper is as good an occasion as any to make fresh bread. While flipping through Carol Field’s bread book, I saw an herb loaf that I thought would make a good accompaniment to our Middle Eastern dinner menu.

    Burned Peach Ice Cream


    Peaches have shown up in our breakfast (smoothies), dinner (salads), snacks and desserts all week long. With the last few yellow peaches from Sunday’s market haul, I made a peach ice cream as part of an office frozen dessert event.

    White Peach Sorbet


    We bought two baskets each of white and yellow peaches from Bizjak Farms this weekend at the farmers’ market. Supermarket fruit tend to be a little underripe, so they survive transport better, but buying straight from the farmer yields deliciously ripe fruit. There’s going to ...

    Easy Sandwich Bread


    On Sunday evening, as I thought ahead to breakfast the next morning, I realized we were out of bread (again). But instead of walking over to the grocery store, I looked up a Cook’s Illustrated recipe for a superfast loaf (start to finish in under 2 hours) I recalled seeing fr...

    Scallion Pancake Challah


    A few weeks ago, Flick saw someone on Facebook mention a “Chinese challah”. The cynic in me immediately scoffed and wondered aloud what would make it Chinese: Soy sauce? Lap cheong? Sesame? For this week’s Shabbat, instead of buying a loaf at the grocer near my office, I decid...

    Sweet Corn Ice Cream with Blueberry Compote


    A couple of weekends ago, a recipe in the Saturday Globe and Mail caught my eye. It was for corn ice cream, which is an unconventional flavour, but one I knew I had to try. Unlike, say, some of these seafood based flavours.The recipe in the paper is attributed to a chef from S...

    Nectarine Basil Popsicles


    Stone fruit, especially nectarines and peaches, have a very short shelf life. After getting them from the market stand, they start to deteriorate rapidly, attracting fruit flies and mold within a few days. After holding a basket of overripe nectarines in the fridge for a few d...

    Potato Burger Buns


    Hamburger buns are pretty boring. They’re ridiculously cheap, come in either white or whole wheat versions, and are usually a sponge for ketchup, mustard, mayo and relish. For a lot of barbeque sandwiches, you want the cheapest, whitest, mushiest buns to serve your slow-cooked...

    Whole Wheat Bread (BBA)


    My son’s breakfast is typically toast with peanut butter. He’s been very consistent in his preferences. I like to bake bread, but we often just get loaves from the store. On Wednesday this week, I tried making the 100% whole wheat bread from Peter Reinhart’s The Bread Baker’s ...

    Apricot Ginger Sherbet


    Ever since reading Adam Gollner’s article about apricots in Lucky Peach, I’ve actually avoided the fruit. Partly because they’re in season for a very short time here, and partly because I know that none of the varieties I have access to would even come close to what he describ...

    Sweet Cherry Pie


    Perform an image search for cherry pie, and you’ll most likely get pictures of desserts made with sour cherries. Cook’s Illustrated published a pie recipe using sweet cherries a few years ago that I’ve always wanted to try, so this week, I bought a 3L basket of the season’s la...